17 Jan,2014

Some Interesting Facts and Statistics about Responsive Web Design

Current trends in technological changes have brought many challenges in the web design field. Unlike the ancient times when accessing websites was from computers only, nowadays many smaller and portable devices can visit websites and carry out transactions from any location. Therefore, there is need for web designs that fit all devices and keep all data clear and visible under any circumstance. Many have tried designing multiple websites to fit all devices but proved difficult due to time and cost in maintenance. Responsive web design has solved the issue with a website design to fit in multiple screen sizes with different resolutions.

 Responsive Web Design and Its Benefits

Having a site that expands and contracts depending of the size of screen are easy to maintain than having multiple sites for each device set. Statistics show that, 28% of internet users use their phones to conduct transactions and get information.

In addition, Statistics about responsive web design hold it that in 2014, mobile usage in the internet will overtake desktop and more than half percentage of internet users and searches done are from mobile phones, which calls for responsive web designs.

Interesting Facts and Statistics about Responsive Web Design

Further, mobile marketing is on the rise with the world’s mobile phones of around four billion, twenty-seven percent have smartphones with all the features almost found in desktops and more. With this kind of trends, there should be a way to reach all these mobile phone users and understand their needs to have a high traffic on your website. Most social media sites have adopted the responsive web design thus making tablets and mobile phone users comfortable on their phones. As a result, millions of people spent much of their time on their phones than before.

For e-commerce site owners, it is time to turn to responsive designs due to the increased research of products before purchase. According to statistics about responsive web design, seventy-nine percent of Smartphone users do some research of items and products before purchase through their phones and tablets. Unresponsive sites do not feel comfortable and some of their information is invisible on the screens of these smart devices and hence the site losses traffic and customers too.

Search engine optimization is a core issue in online marketing and traffic as many searches of items leads you to something that is related or the exact item for optimized sites. However, mobile-friendly designs are well favored when it comes to search engine optimization as a big number of phone users are most likely to purchase from their phones instead of desktops or office machines.

Mobile friendly designs are recommended by most of search engine companies as there is a greater possibility of ensuring the SEO strategies are maintained than having several websites needing more time and cost in ensuring they are maintained and optimized correctly. Ranking of mobile designed sites on search engines like Google are higher to mobile searches than non-mobile phones according to Google.